Cof C 2012 Basketball Sports- The thrill of being a sports photographer

athlete photographer

I loved it when I get to be a sports photographer for the College of Charlestons.  I find it exhilarating to be working with flying giants. It’s inspiring, challenging and hilarious. I had fun shooting the 2012 College of Charleston Basketball Sports Campaign. I’m a 5.5, 120 pound lady photographer surrounded by very tall, very sculpted men that shake the ground beneath my feet when they jump.

I also learned a lot. I was reminded that movement, effort, power and strength are just a few of the elements necessary in a memorable sports photograph.

Precision, skill, technical knowledge and a great ability to work with the human subject are just a few of the things a good sports photographer needs. Knowing when to press the shutter, how to light a moving subject, how to adapt to the space that you have available- all of these things make a big difference.

Whether I am a good sports photographer or not is left to the critic. But seeing my work on printed materials and  billboards and large windows, is a truly wonderful feeling. Large scale men should alwaysbe shown on large scale billboards. And often photographed by short, cute lady photographers!

The exceptional illustration work was done by Mike Harrison .

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