Senior Portraits

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Your senior portraits are being taken for your school yearbook. They will serve as a signpost of a growing, playful, and meaningful stage of your life. Headshots​, as well as formal and casual half body shots, will be taken so please consider your overall look. Diana (the photographer) will direct you during the photo shoot. You’ll have the chance to look at the photos on the back of the camera and make sure you like them before leaving. Please call or email her directly with any questions or concerns beforehand. (, 843.209.8869)

The sitting fee to have your portraits taken for the yearbook is $125. In exchange for this fee, Diana (your photographer) will take the photos, upload them to a unique online gallery with your name, and email you that link. Once you’ve selected your favorite she will provide the school with the photo file image of your choice. You will be able to look at all the photos taken via your gallery and you will have the option to purchase all the photos or only the ones you like in a digital or print format. You can also have photos retouched for $25 per image.
The sitting fee is due at the time of the shoot or before.
You can pay in advance by sending payment via Venmo @Diana-Deaver or at this Paypal Link. You can also bring a check or cash with you at the shoot.

Please sign up by clicking this buttonClick to View Volunteer Opportunities on
● Each person will have a 15 min designated time slot.  Do your best to arrive 5 minutes early so that you are not rushed and frazzled before your photos.  Any tardiness will diminish your allotted time.
● Please contact the photographer if for whatever reason you are delayed. Diana- 843.209.8869. No-shows, cancellations, or last-minute rescheduling will still have to pay a no-show fee of $75.

If you cannot attend in any of the days on the sign-up you will have to contact Diana and see if you can schedule your photos outside of campus days. You will have to pay regular photographer rates for those sessions.


● We will take photos on the school campus in room 207 in the Upper School building. Please don’t forget your badge or you won’t be able to get in.


Gentlemen: You will have two looks. One will be in formal attire: a jacket, blazer, or a suit as well as a casual look. Please make note that a jacket and tie (or bow tie) are mandatory Make sure your jacket and shirt are clean, pressed and you are happy with the way they fit you. The second look is a casual look: you can wear your favorite graphic tee or sweater, or a dress shirt.
fun senior pictures

Example of Senior Portraits Porter Gaud 2018 Year Book

Ladies: Your formal photo will be a headshot wearing the traditional black drape (the school will have these) and a nice dress of your choosing. You can choose a different dress or a more casual outfit for your second look. Please have your clothes steamed or pressed beforehand. To simplify things you can show up dressed in the outfit of your choice.
● Avoid fabrics with large patterns and excessive colors. We want the focus to be on you and not your clothing.
beautiful senior portraits

Example of Senior Portraits Porter Gaud 2018 Year Book


● Please arrive ready for your photos: hair styled, teeth white, outfit of choice already on. You will have 15 minutes allotted for both looks. Your personal grooming should be appropriate for the occasion. Please wear sunscreen the week before your shoot. The number one reason people have to buy retouches is for sunburnt marks.
examples of highschool senior portraits

Example of Senior Portraits Porter Gaud 2018 Year Book photographed by Diana Deaver from HeadshotLove Photography


Your photographer, Diana Deaver, will setup a mini studio on campus so that you don’t have to bear the brunt of Charleston’s August humidity outside. 🙂 Background will be black this year. Diana will also install high-quality lighting equipment on location that is meant to highlight the eyes and soften the skin.  Do your best to avoid a sunburn before the shoot. 🙂 If the weather permits we will venture outside for a few natural light photos.


authentic personality senior portraits

Beauty Lighting for Senior Portraits


diana deaver photographer and life coachFrom Diana (the photographer):
“I absolutely love photographing people and I like to
have fun on my shoots. I’ll do my best to make you
feel comfortable in front of the camera and my hope is
you’ll walk away with a smile on your face.
Sometimes I get goofy and make silly jokes. I really hope we can have a good time together :)”

About Diana: Diana Deaver is an award-winning professional photographer with over 10 years of experience focused on the human subject in the urban and natural landscape. She considers her clients to be her friends. Her photography is passion-driven and authenticity centered. Her photography career has taken her to awe-inspiring places all over the world and continues to offer her incredible experiences and worldwide recognition. Follow her on Insta at @dianadeaver
Don’t forget that you can be the one who chooses which photo goes in the book and which ones go in the frame or even more fun- on Facebook, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through and have some fun during your “15 minutes of fame”.
best senior portrait photographer charleston sc

Let your personality shine through


Feel free to invite your parent or guadan, your sibling or a friend to your shoot (max. 3 people). Once your formal portrait is taken we can take some fun photos with whomever you choose to invite. It may be a good time to get a nice portrait with someone close to you. Once the gallery is uploaded you will receive an email from the photographer with your private link. You will then select your photo for the book and decide if you want to purchase any for yourself. When you will receive all the images in this gallery, without a watermark and large enough to have them printed if you wish. You will receive an email with a download link. This link will expire in 7 business days so please make sure to download your photos right away. If you wish to purchase a retouch please make sure to contact BEFORE you purchase any photos.

Please select your favorite formal photo to include in the school yearbook from your gallery. You may select a second photo for the casual section of the book or you may use a baby photo instead if you prefer. Please email me back at the file number of the photos you’d like to use for the yearbook (you will find that number under each photo). If you decide to use a baby photo for the casual look please send that to the school yourself.

If you would like any retouches please make sure to request them before ordering prints or sending your book selection. I am happy to retouch any and all of these images for a $25 fee per image. Just let me know which file number and what you’d like changed and I will upload a new and edited version of the photo to the same gallery. Typical changes requested include removing suntan lines, sunburn redness, hair flyaways, blemishes or acne, whitening teeth or smoothing wrinkles in clothing.

You can purchase any photos you’d like for yourself directly from this gallery by clicking the shopping cart. You can order prints and these will be sent directly to you. Click the shopping cart to select the sizes you want.

You can also purchase logo-free digital downloads that are delivered immediately via email. You can use these digital files to buy prints from any local print store, pharmacy, Staples, Target, or Walmart. Click the shopping cart, then the digital tab, and then ALL PHOTOS DOWNLOAD. Make sure to save your downloads to your computer immediately. The download link is only valid for 7 days once the purchase is made. Redelivery of photos is $75.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions via text (843.209. 8869) or email (
Thank you! I look forward to photographing you 🙂


highschool senior photos with mom

Loving parents are allowed at photoshoots 🙂

A little bit of silliness is allowed during your casual photos



fun photographer senior portraits

Having fun during the senior portrait session

senior portraits show your personality senior portraits