MOOD: Lovely Natural Light

environmental portrait man sleeping in a tree

If there is one thing I adore is to use natural night to create beautiful photos. You’ll see in the examples below photographs that use only natural light. Beyond the lumens that come from the sun you will notice a particular shine that I have no control over: the one that comes from within! Authenticity is one of the brightest and most beautiful phenomenon that my camera is able to catch on occasion. Whether you’re a model or an actor I recommend releasing all inhibitions in front of the camera and enjoying being the skin you’re in. Practice of course makes perfect so don; hesitate to get as much camera time as you can. There will be some awkward moments of course, at least in the beginning, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become. And the more comfortable you become the more authentic you will be 🙂

put me in nature and take my portrait (3) put me in nature and take my portrait (1)put me in nature and take my portrait (2)  beautiful beach light (4) beautiful beach light (3) beautiful beach light (2) beautiful beach light (1) powerful after rain portraitpowerful light environmental portraitmale actor laughingman with hat sylhouettesunset light sylhouette laughter is beautiful model headshot charleston sc actor portrait in nature actor portrait in natureenvironmental business portrait charleston sc business portrait pregnancy photos ideas pregnancy photos ideas

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