It’s not a secret now that I love the color red. And my website may give some clues here and¬†there¬†ūüôā
So is there a question then why I said yes¬†immediately¬†to being part of The Lowcountry¬†AIDS¬†Services project “Love Red”. Each artist: photographer or¬†painter¬†participating is supposed to create a piece of art including the color red. Steven Hyatt of Imaging Arts¬†shared with me the¬†extraordinary¬†opportunity to photograph inside the Unitarian church which is being restored and which had that one day with no¬†pews.
Here is the result:

One Comment on “LOVE RED

  1. Very impressive result!

    I’m really curious to know how did you get this result in edit? I’m looking for this type of Coloring for a long time!

    Particular at 2:38

    but also at 2:03

    I believe you use the LightRoom, if so,
    which parameters did you use?
    Thanks for sharing!