Actor Headshots Tips and FAQ


How to Prepare for your actor headshot photo session:


– Please arrive ready for your photos. Consider all elements of your look: hair, nails, teeth. 
– It’s Charleston, so please pay special attention to wearing your sunscreen to avoid sunburn a few days before the shoot.
– Do your best to have at least 8 hours of sleep the night before and avoid consuming food with a lot of sodium, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. This will influence water retention in your face and around your eyes and give you a fresh, luminous glow.

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Q: Should I smile in my photographs?
A: I enjoy actor head-shots because they allow me to coach my subjects and encourage them to be as expressive as possible. Most casting directors and agents will go through thousands of pictures before choosing you. Your actor headshots should reflect not only your personality but also your ability to go through a range of expressions. I take hundreds of photographs of each of my clients and then they have the freedom to select the ones that best represent their spirit and acting ability.

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Q: Should I have my headshots done in a studio or in natural light?
A:  Studio light can look corporate and formal. Natural light portraits have an organic look and they present you in a more approachable way. Depending on the kind of roles you and jobs are looking for, you may want to incorporate have both types of lighting set-up in your shoot.  If you’re having your comp card updated or if this is your first photoshoot I recommend having your headshots done in natural light.

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Q: What should I wear?
A: Plain clothes that do not obscure your shape are best. Bring a simple shirt (round or scoop neck for female actors). Stay away from wearing stark white. Also avoid large, busy patterns. You want your headshot to draw attention to you and not your clothes. Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes will also make you comfortable and confident in front of the camera and that will show in your pictures.
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Q: Should I have make-up on or have my hair done in a special way?
A: Wear the same amount of makeup you wear on a regular basis and have your hair down allowing for it to be seen in it’s full length and it’s natural style. Just remember that your main goal is to show who you are. Casting directors are trained to mentally add on any make-up or costume that your role will require.

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I hope some of these questions and answers will prove themselves helpful to you. Good luck to you all and as I always ask my clients, please make sure you send me an invite to the Oscar Awards once you get nominated! 🙂

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